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I have been traveling and enjoying life. Now that I'm back home I will be updating this site with new projects. Thanks for stopping by and please do come back and check back later.

Latest update for DIYGardenPlans; If you are looking to build a storage shed, diygardenplans.net has added plans for a 4x8 lean to shed. This garden shed is great in any yard to store all of your lawn tools. You can see the shed plans at DIYGardenPlans | The Easiest To Follow Plans http://www.diygardenplans.net/ these can be used for the garden or storage.

If you want shed plans that are easy to follow visit the website. The website does an excellent job explaining all the steps with lots of details. You can see a very detailed sample of the plans before you download.

The gambrel shed shown on the site is one of my favorite and have actually built the 12x12. The main reason I decided to go with this design is because of the space. With the gambrel shed no space goes to waste. I added a loft and lots of shelves. All the clutter that was in my garage is now neatly organized and I still have plenty of room left.

Building a shed is the same concept as building a house. This website explains how to design and build a shed http://www.diygardenplans.net/diy-gable-shed.htm, click for details. Begin by building a solid foundation out of wood or concrete. Next frame the walls and roof, add siding and complete the roof.

Further information can be found online free. If you need help search the web or browse some videos.

Shed plans in PDF format lots of sizes and styles

Tree house plans

Building a tree house can be a great family project. Getting the children to help will give them basic building skills.

When building the tree house begin by finding a sturdy tree. Thee tree should be tall and give out plenty of shade. If the tree you have chosen has three sturdy limbs it will make building the platform easier. The tree house should be about six feet from the ground. Adding legs to the platform will give better support for the tree house and children's weight.


Chicken coop plans

You can find many free chicken coop plans online. Search online for a variety of free plans and designs. If you study these hen house plans you will have a better understanding when designing your own. One benefit of building your own is saving money. If you design your own you can customize it any way you want.

If you will be raising chickens for eggs, don't forget to draw nesting boxes into the plans. Take into account how many hens you will raise to determine the size. The hen house should also provide good ventilation.

Cleaning out the chicken coop will be a chore that will need to be done. To make cleaning the coop easier builds a big door on the chicken coop.

Adirondack chair plans

Adirondack chairs are wonderful additions to any home. You can enjoy the long warm days sitting and relaxing on a comfortable hand built Adirondack chair.

These chairs can be built using common tools and wood. The wood you use should be strong enough to hold your weight. This chair can be built using hand tools, but having power tools will make it allot easier. A jigsaw, circular saw, router and sander are the typical electric tools used.

Since these chairs are kept outdoors, it is recommended that they be painted or stained.

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